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Our Services

Assessment: The process starts with an evaluation of your child's reading, writing, or math skills, and we offer two kinds of testing:

  1. A full psycho-educational evaluation: This involves testing of intellectual ability (IQ), cognitive skills that are related to academic achievement (attention, memory, processing speed), and academic skills (reading, math, written language).  These evaluations are conducted by one of our licensed clinical psychologists.  This kind of testing is useful when your child is struggling in more than one area, and is usually necessary if you want to see if your child can qualify for special education services in school.
  2. A brief reading or math evaluation: This involves testing of specific reading skills like sight word recognition, reading speed, phonics skills, the ability to detect reversed letters, numbers, and words, and reading comprehension; or specific math skills like automatic recall of math facts, calculation, and interpretation of word problems.  These evaluations are conducted by one of our staff of reading or math specialists.  This kind of testing is recommended if your child has already been tested, if your child is not experiencing any problems in school other than in reading or math, and if you aren't planning to apply for special education services at school.

Reading Therapy: Once we know your child's reading profile and have identified whether his or her reading problems are related to breakdowns in the visual or auditory routes to reading (or both), we will assign a reading therapist who will select the program that is exactly right for your child's age and type of reading problem.

Math Therapy: After identifying your child's specific profile of strengths and weaknesses in math, our math specialist will develop a personalized plan to teach skills and concepts using creative, hands-on activities that will make math engaging and relevant.

Academic Coaching: Many students have strong academic skills but cannot keep track of their assignments and belongings, procrastinate, can't plan ahead when working on longer projects, and don't know how to study effectively for tests.  With the help of an academic coach, they can learn new tools and strategies to help them manage their schoolwork more easily.

ACT/SAT Prep:  Students with learning disabilities and attention problems benefit from an individualized program to prepare them for the challenges of taking these high-stakes standardized tests.  Our tutors teach them study and test-taking strategies, as well as how to manage their time, mental energy, and anxiety during the testing process.

Tracking Progress: We carefully track your child's skill development with follow-up testing at regular intervals to make sure our interventions are having the maximum impact.

Feedback for Parents: Our academic therapists give verbal feedback to you at the end of every session, and provide written reports whenever follow-up testing is done so that you know exactly where your child stands and how you can help at home.

Coordinating with Teachers: Our academic therapists can coordinate with your child's classroom teacher or learning specialist at school to make sure that there is good consistency in reading instruction.

Attendance at I.E.P. Meetings: Our academic therapists are happy to attend your child's I.E.P. meetings to assist with goal-setting and identifying appropriate accommodations and teaching strategies.

Thinking Cap Tutoring provides Assessment, Reading and Math Therapy, and Academic Coaching amongst other services.



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